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About Style Connection

Who We Are

styleconnection.co.ke is a Kenyan online and physical boutique aiming to bring you upto the minute quality, trendy, unique women's fashion clothes and accessories.

At Styleconnection we are continuosly working hard to deliver in-trend women's clothes which are perfectly suited to fit your style. We have an utterly amazing range of fashionable clothing for the ladies, including brilliant casual day to day clothing and stunning evening dresses for that special night out with friends.

We understand that fashion changes regularly and are always adding stylish women's clothing and accessories to our product range at truly affordable prices.


No matter what item of clothing you require - or even a full new wardrobe ! - at Style Connection we believe we are your perfect online store for women's clothing and fashion. Please feel free to have a browse around our store, hit up our hot fashion picks, and shop til' you drop!

Style Connection is a women's and children retail and wholesale store, featuring new Quality high street fashion clothing, accessories and beauty products such as Marks & Spenser, New Look, Clarks, Revlon, Maybelline, Avon, Body Shop and many more at affordable prices.

We carry out different sizes and styles to suit different tastes. We have a friendly atmosphere making it easy to communicate and interact.